Are you being 'influenced' by someone?

A critical part of your brain quite literally switches off when your feelings go on an overdrive. Do you know what that critical part is?
When a person is overcome by primal emotions the ability to take complex decisions based on facts, and in everyone's long term interest, is lost. Because the part that makes us stronger than other living beings - the part which makes us human - is not functioning anymore. Do you know what that part is?

Our rational brain. Once it is switched off, while you still retain your consciousness, the conscientiousness is lost. When this happens, it doesn't matter what your IQ is - 70 or 170 - because, in a way, you are not using your brain anymore. So, are emotions bad?
The answer is not straightforward. Research has indicated that people who are purely rational, after surgical removal of certain parts of the brain, are not far from dysfunctional. The emotions are what make us alive. They give our lives meaning and purpose - and give us the energy to d…




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