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Are you a Mental Health Leader?

If you are a psychologist, psychiatrist, counselor, therapist, educator or a mental health institution administrator we can help you improve your client satisfaction and generate higher revenues.

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As the capitalistic corporate world matures, it has become imperative for businesses to treat people as people, and bring their development and growth into the mix.

We are here to help businesses think through their people development processes and projects. We offer a complete package including trainings.

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Psychology Learners

Are you a student of Psychology? Do you want to start on the journey to a career in Psychology? If so, our first major project Psychology Learners which has been running very successfully for a good many years now, may be able of help to you.

The Real Happiness Center

With a focus on positive psychology and passion for spreading happiness in the world, The Real Happiness Center is helping people find out what happiness means to them, and how they can achieve it.

PsychoTech Services for Society

During the Covid pandemic many NGOs struggled. Their means to collect donations were severely restricted and they did not have the digital presence necessary to successfully do it. We stepped in with our expertise to help them. The pandemic is over, but we continue to support NGOs.

Are you an NGO looking for help with Digital or Social Media, but have a low budget? We help NGOs globally, and might be able to help you too!

Pandemic Resource Center

During the Coronavirus (Covid) pandemic we created a resource center that was used by people globally. We have preserved the infrastructure and plan to transform it into a Pandemic Resource Center - a go-to place for carefully curated resources and questions related to the ongoing pandemic.

The Real Happiness Center

The Real Happiness Center

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