It's 8 PM on a Thursday. Michael King is seated in a lavish fine-dine restaurant, listening to the live band playing in the background. He reads through the menu as he considers what to order. The first page has a single listing: The Heavenly Cuisses de Requin - $100. Mike gives it a thought, but finding it too expensive, moves on.

While reading through the menu, his eyes land on Grandma's Ailes de Poulet Rôties for 49, and almost instantly decides on it. While still expensive, it is much cheaper than the $100 dish and seems special! But has he made the right choice? Or, well, has he even made the choice?

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Item Reviewed: 'PsychoTech' has arrived. But, is it a real Super-Power? Description: Rating: 4.5 Reviewed By: MS Ahluwalia

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