Is your boss a genius-maker?

Have you read "Appearing for an interview? Don't miss this one thing." If you haven't read it, you might want to read it before continuing - click here.

In "Appearing for an interview..." we learnt that Type 2 Factors like 'relationships with superiors' are major drivers of employee satisfaction. But candidates like Mike tend to overlook them during interviews. So, what can Mike do to prevent this? He could use the recruitment process to improve his understanding of the organization and the people therein. But how exactly can he do it?

Recently, while reading Multipliers by Liz Wiseman, I came across a 'Shopping Guide' to help find a 'Multiplier'. Her work is based on years of research spread across four continents and many reputed organizations (Apple, GM, McKinsey, SEWA, Stanford, White House to name a few).

Multiplier is the label she uses for a truly good leader. The 'Shopping Guide' is a structured assessment having four sets of actions:

  1. Observe - look for signs of Multiplier and Diminisher behavior during the interactions
  2. Ask - question to reveal mindset and core assumptions
  3. Research - through personal network, public sites etc. to know more
  4. Try - get exposure to the person in real work setting

Here's the link to the complete 'Shopping Guide' where you can find the details. Liz has been kind enough to share it free of cost. So, Mike can use this framework to assess a prospective boss. But, what if Mike is stuck in his current job for some reason?

The good news is - even if Mike is stuck and unable to find a new boss, there's still hope for him. He can:

  1. Assess the current manager for Multiplier-Diminisher tendencies - find out if his boss is a 'genius-maker': Mike can use the Accidental Diminisher quiz. Just share this link with the manager. And encourage her to take the quiz so that she can become an even better leader than she presently is ;) It takes barely 2 mins to complete. The results indicate where the person is on the Multiplier-Diminisher continuum. Once the results are out, share these strategies to minimize diminishing behaviors (if you are in a role that involves leading people, you might also find these useful - take the quiz, and look at the strategies.)
  2. Learn how to deal with Diminishers: use proven strategies uncovered by her research - click here for the full text.

With this, Mike is already a step closer to happiness in his professional life. I hope so are you!

Please let me know your thoughts in the comments. And, if you found this useful, please feel free to share with your colleagues and friends.



Any views or statements expressed are mine and not those of any of my employers - past, present or future. The content of this article is based completely on my personal knowledge and research; and is not based on any work any of my employers may be engaged in, or any practices followed by it.

I shared these resources because I felt they could be useful - at least, to trigger a new way of looking at leadership. Liz indicates that a lot of research has gone behind the insights in the book, but I haven't investigated the scientific validity of the methodology and the results. It would be best that you use your own discretion while using these materials.

Mike is a fictional character, inspired by real people. He appears in my writings frequently. Read my other articles to get to know him better :)

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